40% OFF for the first time only in red letters


Refreshment with quick time!

During work, break time, shopping, etc.
The fingertips that have been compressed in your shoes are also open to refresh. Also, please expect a good sleep effect at the head spa.


Foot Pressure Point Reflation<

3,300 yen for 30 minutes
It stimulates the acupoints on the soles of the feet to approach the built-in reflex areas, and repairs the physical condition from the soles of the feet. Slender legs with lymphatic massage down to the knees
* Comes with foot bath and hot eye mask


Dry Head Spa

2,970 yen for 30 minutes
From the acupuncture points on the scalp to the neck, shoulders, and facial muscle acupoints, firmly loosen from the core.
The eyestrain, which is heavy on your computer and smartphone, is refreshing and the visibility is good!


Healed by the scent of aroma, the maintenance body…

With high-quality spa cosmetics, you can feel the beautiful skin effect… Removes muscle fatigue and drains lymph well.
Our custom-made aroma that focuses on the spicy part of stiffness and firmness is our specialty


Half Aroma (upper body)

3,960 yen for 40 minutes
Back of the body (hip + waist + back + neck + shoulders) Body surface (from neck to chest+ head)


Half Aroma (lower body)

3,960 yen for 40 minutes
Sole (press point) Calf Thigh soles Instep Sneakers Knee


Aroma Body 60

5,940 yen for 60 minutes
An oil treatment for the entire body and the use of high-quality spa cosmetics for the beautiful skin effect…
The back of the body (acupuncture points + calves + thighs + hips + waist + back + neck + shoulders)
Body surface (from neck to chest + nape of the neck) + head care


Beauty Breast Care

【M size】3,960 yen, 【L size】 4,510 yen for 30 minutes
※Size【M】under 70 C cup【L】over 70 D cup
3times ticket for M size / 3,564yen per one time (10,692yen in total)
6tickets for M size/ 3,168yen per ticket (19,008yen in total)

3 times ticket for L size / 4,059yen per one time (12,177 yen in total)
6 tickets for L size/ 3,608 yen per ticket (21,648 yen in total)

Warm plaster mineral pack for beautiful breast
Loosen the fascia from the scapula to the back to soften back stiffness. From neck to chest, bust lymph, drainage of mammary gland,
The bust is soft and fluffy and beautiful.
Bust care is important for women to prevent gynecological diseases.


Popular made to order aroma

Firmly loosen the tired part of your body
We will perform the treatment according to your request. Please tell us your wishes…


Made-to-order Aroma 70

6,600 yen for 70 minutes
New initial price for only 3,960 yen
3 times ticket / 5,940 yen per one time (total 17,820 yen)
6 times ticket / 5,280 yen per one time (total 31,680 yen)
Back of the body
(Sole + Calf + Thigh + Hip + Waist + Back + Neck + Shoulder + Scapula) Back of body (from neck to chest + nape + arm + head care)


Made to order Aroma 100

9,790 yen for 100 minutes
New initial price for only 5,874 yen
3 times ticket / 8,811 yen per one time (total 26,433 yen)
6 times ticket / 7,832 yen per one time (total 46,992 yen)
Body back, body surface (from neck to chest + nape + arm + face point + head care)


Hot Stone 80

7,700 yen for 80 minutes
New initial price for only 4,620 yen
3 times ticket / 6,930 yen per one time (total 20,790 yen)
6 times ticket / 6,160 yen per one time (total 36,960 yen)
We will massage your body with stones heated to 45 to 50 degrees.
Far infrared rays are emitted from the stone, so warm your body from the core.
It relieves muscle tension, and enhances the relaxing effect.
Recommended for people who feel cold as if they are in a bedrock bath! Those who are easily exposed to stress can’t sleep easily…
It also has a very good sleeping effect.


Facial & Body Special Course 140

16,060 yen for 140 minutes
New initial price for only 11,242 yen
3 times ticket / 14,454 yen per one time (total 43,362 yen)
6 tickets / 12,848 yen per ticket (77,088 yen in total)
If you want to maintain your face and body at the same time, please leave it to the menu ♪
Discounted course is a great deal only for special courses.
Aroma body 60 minutes + Facial basic 50 minutes + Head spa 20 minutes



40% OFF for the first time only in red letters


To all who pursue beauty

We believe that beauty is created by a healthy body and a healthy mind. Esthetic time, where you can relax both physically and mentally and is free from various things, it is the best time to release the happy substances and pursue the most beauty.
Prepare your skin with facial treatment and experience the best beauty with detoxification of the mind and body.


Facial Muscles Small Face Facial

3,300 yen for 30 minutes
Quick care without changing clothes… No cleansing or packs!
Approach the acupuncture points of the facial muscles and scalp to prepare for a small face.
For those who feel heavy on their face


Quick Facial

3,850 yen for 40 minutes
Quick care for cleansing, cleaning, pore dirt and opening
Remove swelling with a full-fledged massage and recharge with a hydration pack
(Students, men, acne, sunburn, dryness…For those in a hurry)


Facial Basic

6,600 yen for 50 minutes
3times/5,940yen 6times/5,280yen
From neck to chest, waste products accumulated on the neck are thoroughly detoxed with a full-scale massage
Approaching the stiffness of the shoulder and the acupoints of the facial muscles, the finish looks like the skeleton has changed
(2 packs, Sensitive, Dry, Fine wrinkle, Rough skin, Dullness, 20’s-Esthetic entry level)


Facial Specials

8,800 yen for 70 minutes
New initial price only for 5,280 yen
Course 3times/7,920yen 6times/7,040yen
Firm care from full-scale massage from chest to loosening of neck and shoulders
Eliminates swelling on the face and scalp and lifts up cleanly!
Choice of hand or foot massage ♪ (3 packs, whitening, firmness, dry dullness)
30’s-Esthetic Intermediate/Young Aging Early Aging Support


Facial Premium

12,100 yen for 80 minutes
New initial price only for 7,260yen
3times/10,890yen 6times/9,680yen
Shoulder stiffness is essential for adult aging care!
Removing stiff stiffness improves wrinkles on the forehead, brows, and streak lines, and leads to a more youthful face.
Back massage (scapula, shoulder, neck) + detox with full massage from beck to chest
A warm plaster pack that is rich in minerals will hold your décolleté and neck firmly (2 packs)
For all women over 40s
For people with aging, sagging, whitening, sensitivity, and skin problems


Diamond Premium

22,000yen for 120minutes
★Super anti-aging esthetics
Luxury beauty treatment salon is a gift for your reward♪
Enjoy it with home care that lasts longer
Back massage (scapula, neck, shoulder) + décolleté + nape of the neck + facial + head + foot + hand


Bridal Beauty Treatment Salon

From 22,000yen to 54,000yen for 140minutes
*Course content consultation required
1 to 3 treatments are recommended depending on the preparation period until the day of the wedding
Back massage while loosening back fatigue, stiffness and stiffness… Décolletage and waste products on your face are shed to bring out the firmness, gloss and transparency.
Glistening skin with nails (whitening pack → chest, neck, facial, back, arms)


Option Menu

*We do not accept reservations for the option menu only.

★Extension Fee (10minutes) 1,100yen

★Foot Keratin Care 550yen
Body homage to remove calluses… Smooth with gentle particles of sugar and salt

★Foot Acupuncture (20minutes) 1,980yen
Stimulating the acupoints on the soles and approaching the built-in reflex area! Gastrointestinal digestive disorder (sole only)

★Hand Massage (20minutes) 1,650yen
Unraveling the stiffness of the arm and stimulating the acupoints of the palm…Refreshing the fingertips and improving swelling

★Refresh Eye Care (10minutes) 1,320yen
Warm the eyes with a hot eye mask and approach the acupuncture points “KUSHITAKE” and “SHOUKYU”
Improves visibility by eliminating painful eye strain

★Waist Massage Hog Care (20minutes) 2,750yen
Actively regulates the movements of the internal organs and intestines. It also massages the fat on the waist and massages it.

★Makeup Service (10 minutes) 550 yen *Free for beauty salon customers
Makeup after the beauty treatment is left to the professionals… You will feel refreshed more than usual♪

★Total Makeup Service (30minutes) 1,650yen
Go out, girls-only gathering, party, date… Makeover with professional makeup

★Makeup Lesson (60minutes) 3,520yen
Improve makeup trouble with one-on-one makeup lesson… Make-up pouch always used
Please bring Professional skills are scaled from the eyes, and lectures on how to use

*All prices are including tax